Get £20,000 of Solid Wall Insulation AND a Heating System for FREE! 

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NEW, Government ECO Grants. Newly Insulated Rooms Stay Warm Long After Your Heating is Turned Off!

Within just 10 days this scheme can transform your home, allowing you to benefit from:

  • A Healthier, Safer Living Environment
  • Reduced Heating Costs by 45%
  • A Warmer and Cosier Home
  • Increased Property Value + Higher EPC Rating
  • No More Damp Spots on Your Walls
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
  • 25 Year Guarantee in this area

You don't need to be on benefits to qualify.

Installation is fast and clean, you don't need to lift a finger or move out.

All works are guaranteed and overseen by Ofgem.

While funding lasts, the cost of materials, labour and installation are absolutely FREE. 

This is the only offering of its kind for solid wall properties. Which will save 45% of your heating energy according to the Energy Saving Trust (that's a massive £435 a year!), AND involves no additional running costs!

If you're keen to make a radical improvement to your home, but don't know if you'll qualify - Take our 3 minute test below to see if you are eligible. Leave your contact details and we will be in touch.

What our customers say...

"The whole process was very good. The men who came knew what they were doing. It was just a simple job really."

- Herbie Kennedy - Park Croft

"The service was efficient from start to finish. We had a brand new, quality heating system installed within a short time frame. This really is a great scheme that you must take advantage of."

- Christoper & Emma Harrison - Thornton Hall

"It was easy. It wasn't any hassle."

- Sandy & Jonny Wilson - Gate Farm

"It was simple and quick. No hassle at all. We can't thank you enough. We could feel the difference straight away. It was amazing really. Get it done. As soon as possible"

- David & Kaylie Morgan - Esgaierth

"A huge thank you to Tom. I'm so pleased I met you at the auction that day. You listened to my story and hey presto, a matter of weeks later a new heating system was installed very efficiently. We are now about to enter the winter with a toddler, and have a nice warm home."

- Emma & William Richardson - West Stonehouse

"We noticed a difference after only 2 rooms had been done."

- Tom Birkett - Marshfield

"I'm more than happy. It's made a noticeable difference...if anyone else can get this grant, I'd say, go for it!"

- Neil Bancroft - Skelda Farm

"I just didn't believe that we would qualify, we were in receipt of no benefits whatsoever, so I thought...there's got to be a catch it can not be something that's for free."

- David - Bob Farm

"It's absolutely spot on. I can't speak highly enough."

- Steven Gorst - Hose Farm

You might be wondering...

Who governs the scheme?

The whole process is overseen by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). Ofgem is a non- ministerial government department and an independent National Regulatory Authority. Their objective is to protect the interests of consumers and is responsible for delivering and regulating government schemes like this one.

Common misconceptions

"I'm in a rented property so I won't qualify"

- Untrue Both homeowners AND tenants qualify for this scheme

"I'm not on benefits so I don't qualify"

- Not always the case Qualification status is based on a collective history of data not just a snapshot of current status.

If you are eligible, we will be in touch.